Wenzhou Luosimeng Machinery Co.Ltd,as a factory is professional in sight flow indicators over 100 kinds and SFI are easily replaceable and serviceable at a economical way and prices.LSMSFI sight flow indicators can be ideal and specified to accommodate very specific applications requirments,local visual monitoring state of flow rate and flowing medium.

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Rhodes Flow Indicators and Sight Glasses enable a visual check to the flow of liquids or gases through a pipeline. The pressure range available starts from full vacuum, up to 50 bar, with temperatures ranging from -150ºC up to 250ºC.

Rhodes are proud to supply a wide variety of sight glasses and flow indicators available in various types, materials and port connections.

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Noris Sight Flow Indicators, from Germany, provide visual means of observing fluids or particulate flow in pipelines without any interruption of process flow. Factors such as colour and clarity of process mediums can be easily observed by operators safely.

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